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Nashville Newborn Photographer | Brooklyn

I met Sara about a month after my move to Nashville at a baby fair. We got to chatting and really hit it off, I felt sad when she left my booth that I might not see her again. The following day I was so happy to see this sweet email in my inbox-

"Hi Kailee! 
 You may remember me from yesterday – the lady who told you that you were the best photographer there with my pregnant friend. I truly meant it and it was a joy to meet you and see your work. While I may not be pregnant, I’d love to get information about a session. I am engaged (yay!) and getting married in September in New Jersey. We have a photographer up there who is going to do the engagement session. However, I am a mama to a 4 year old boy and he is probably not going to be up in Jersey when we do the shoot. I’d love to do something where he is included and captured during this special time. Is this up your alley? If so, can you give me some more info? Thanks! I hope yesterday was a resounding success for you and again, welcome to Nashville!"

We took engagement photos, and not long after her wedding she wrote me to say she was pregnant! I've loved getting to know Sara and am so happy to call her a true friend. She is one of the kindest, bravest, and strongest women I know. I'm thrilled to share baby Brooklyn's newborn photos and look forward to documenting her whole first year.

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