Kailee Riches


The Art of Creating Birth Films

This Masterclass will give you the tools to document births beautifully. 

Discover emotional storytelling strategies, the birth process, client communication, and how to capture and edit footage in difficult lighting situations. After this course, you’ll feel fully prepared to document each baby’s birthday perfectly

+ See what gear Kailee uses to document births

+ Discover how to stand out amongst other birth filmmakers 

+ Learn how to network with other birth workers

+ Understand the power of social media as a marketing tool

+ Learn how to find your first clients and price your births 

+ Learn how Kailee communicates with clients from inquiry to delivering the final film and gallery

+ Download Kailee’s birth client questionnaire and shot list

+ Understand birth etiquette and the importance of respecting the birth space

+ Learn what it means to be on call and work with a back up photographer

+ Understand how to handle emergency situations

+ Discover ways to shoot in difficult lighting situations

+ Understand where to stand during the birth 

+ Learn how to incorporate storytelling strategies for huge emotional impact

+ Go behind the scenes to see how Kailee films a home birth 

+ Discover editing techniques specific to Birth Films