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Quinn | Nashville Birth Photographer

This is the story of Shaun and her husband Zack as they welcomed their beautiful baby girl into the world. I felt very thankful when Shaun stumbled upon my card while getting acupuncture at The Nesting Place in Nashville. Shaun herself is an OB, and has been there to help so many women deliver their babies. I was truly honored to be present at the birth of her first baby.

From Shaun:
As a Obstetrician myself I absolutely love being a part of my patient's pregnancy and delivery experience. It's such a special and miraculous time in somebody's life, and I'm in awe every time. With each delivery that was closer to my due date, it became more real that I soon would share this experience with my patients and other women. We wondered what color hair Quinn would have, whose nose or lips she would favor, and how it would feel to hold her finally. I was really hoping for spontaneous labor, but I had to go in for an induction unexpectedly due to low amniotic fluid. I was post dates but couldn't believe we were going to meet her soon. After 24 hours of labor, we needed to go back for a cesarean section. It was a very emotional experience and finally hearing her cry for the first time was the best feeling in the world. Our daughter was soon on my chest so I could see her. I fell in love with her immediately and it deepened the love I have for my husband, who now as a father was crying happily with me. Quinn was born on May 24th at 9:52 PM.