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So thankful for mamas who want to share their birth stories! 

From Megan:
June Bug entered the world by cesarian section because this stubborn little miss kept flipping all around in my tummy, most of the time laying side-to-side (transverse) but flipping head down and then breech even up to when we were rolling back to the OR. My amazing OB decided the safest way for her cord not to prolapse was a c-section.
Juniper gave great respiratory effort and had a strong cry, but gulped a lot of fluid in that first breath. She had to have help with oxygen and was placed briefly on CPAP-the nurses said she gave a strong try to go to the NICU but I am so grateful they did an excellent job at keeping her out. My OB is a superb surgeon-she was done quickly and kept me calm. My CRNA was so kind and helpful. When I couldn't see what was happening with Juniper but I heard her cry was very wet, I was very very nervous. Being a pediatrician and knowing what can go wrong is one of the scariest things when you know your child is ill. The worst part was my powerlessness. Usually I am the one helping the baby to breath, giving it the help it needs to fight in those first moments. This time I was strapped to an operating table not even able to see my baby or hear what was happening.
My chest became very tight and I was fighting a growing knot in my throat. My CRNA offered me Versed which I initially refused but as the pain in my chest grew and my time apart from my daughter lengthened, I decided to take it. It took the edge off, but my nerves were still raw. Nathan stood lovingly by my side, crossing the OR back and forth to give me reports on June's progress while documenting everything through photography.
Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the nurses exclaimed, "Are you ready to see your baby?" It seemed surreal-I didn't even process what they had said until Nathan told me they were bringing her to me and to look up at her. The moment they brought her to me, pressed nose-to-nose, I breathed in the smell of her and pulled up her little cap to see her full head of hair. Relief settled into my soul and I breathed deeply for the first time.

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