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Nashville Family Films | Olusoga Family

Earlier this week I announced that I've added video options for all sessions (!!!)

I've added two options, short films that serve as a 1-2 minute moving lifestyle portrait (perfect for fresh 48 and newborns), and half day in the life documentary sessions like this one that I recently made for the Olusoga family. Both video options also include photos of our session.

Half day in the life sessions follow 3-4 hours of your day. Give me sleepy mornings and pancake breakfasts, dinner and board games, bath time and stories ...and I'll show you all the small, yet most meaningful moments in between.

I want to eternalize what's most important to your family. No forced smiles or poses. Just honest embraces and authentic laughter, hair twirls and dress spins, skinned knees and mama's kisses that make everything better. Give me your real and true and I'll give you tangible memories to hold on to forever.