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From Laura's sister Dawnalea:

It's hard to find the right words to share about the birth of my first nephew. I want to say so much. I'm in awe of my sister, Laura. True, awe. Laura had been having cramping all day and called me over around 11:48pm telling me she was already 8cm. Pretty sure my heart was about to jump up my neck and out my mouth. I scrambled out the door and made the 2 mile drive to her house, which felt like the longest road I've ever drove on. She was laying in bed when I arrived and breathing through her contractions, with each one she looked more and more beautiful. Every one bringing us closer to meeting sweet baby. 

The back story is that Laura is a first time mom. At first the idea of a home birth was not well received. Understandably, I felt the same way with my first pregnancy and being a RN, only crazy people birthed at home. I went on to have a hospital birth, with many interventions and deal with birth trauma. I knew little about natural birth, advocacy and trusting your body. I don't talk about that much, but it's real. Mothers need their birth plans followed through with and truly never forget the experience of giving birth. I felt overwhelming joy when I heard she was considering home birth and then decided on a midwife that was well respected and experienced, Jennifer Vines. Laura felt 100% comfortable and KNEW her body was made for this. When she made up her mind, there was no doubt. She was brave. Her mind set. 

Back to the labor, from the birth tub to the bedroom, each contraction getting more intense. I prayed to God to allow safe passage of baby E and a quick and safe delivery for my sister. I prayed for their family and the birth team. With each contraction, so in awe of her strength and determination. Her body knew exactly what to do, exactly. This was proof that we position and breath as our body demands in labor. She was not stuck in a bed, limiting her pelvic space. Justin Curatolo was worth his weight in gold that night. A birth partner women dream about. Her birth team, Carissa Gay and Sandy (doulas) were calming, loving and helping every step of the way. Birth photographer, Kailee Ramirez almost felt invisible. She has an art, a gift for photography and presence. The energy this night was overwhelmingly positive and calming.

My very first natural, Unmedicated home birth was for my little sister. How lucky am I. The time was getting closer and as her legs were shaking and trembling in pain, she was standing and holding onto her fiancé, he was almost here. A few pushes later and baby E was born into this world. He's the most beautiful newborn. So much love filled the room. Shortly after, with great honor, I was asked "Dawnalea, can you help me latch him." Laura knew she could do this, naturally and at home. I'm in awe. I'm in awe of how she trusted herself and she followed through. It was so healing to see her have the birth of a dream experience. I love you so much, Laura. Im so proud of you. I know this still isn't enough to express my experience and gratitude, but my heart is so full. When you have an experience like motherhood, with love you never felt before, you want everyone you love to experience it. Your sister more than anyone. Birth is that love. I pray to have a home birth one day. I pray to have an experience like this that empowers women to trust, trust birthing and their body. I pray to show the courage she had.