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Nashville Birth Photography | Finnegan

From Sara:

I was 40+1 weeks along and we were team green all the way! All week, I had been trying like crazy to naturally induce myself. We tried everything... walking, bouncing on a yoga ball, spicy food, etc. I even tried eating my weight in pineapple... not happening. Our baby was staying put! On Thursday, I had worked my 12 hour shift as a nurse on my feet as I normally do. After the countless "isn't today your due date?!" questions, I went home exhausted thinking that if this kiddo doesn't make their grand entrance soon, I'm not going to make it. We had planned to be induced by that Sunday if nature didn't take its course.

Early Friday morning at 2:22am, I woke up to mild contractions. I waited them out to see if they'd get closer together. I woke my husband about an hour later and told him he may want to think about getting ready. We were going to wait a little while longer, but it dawned on me... Nashville traffic at rush hour?! Nope! Let's go. 

We Headed to Vanderbilt. I had called Kailee to let her know I was in labor. She stated that if I got to the point where I couldn't talk through contractions to let her know and she'd meet us at the hospital. I thought .. nah it won't be that fast. Then boom! Before we got to the hospital, contractions were full force! 

We got to labor and delivery and they put me in triage. At 500 I was 4.5cm and 90% effaced. They told me they had to get a room ready for me and we would have a baby!

Baby Bailey did not want to wait! I labored intensely in triage. I had asked for an epidural but was told I had to wait. My husband was so supportive by helping me through contractions. He was calm and patient. He is always my rock and I'm so thankful for him. 

When we finally got moved, I started to feel the need to push. I was so scared! I hadn't got my epidural yet!! I couldn't do it! But it was time to go! I insisted on the epidural not realizing how close I was. The doctors were able to give me the epidural right as I was about to push this sweet baby right out! Literally 4 minutes before! 

And there HE was! Our perfect baby boy! Our family was now complete. One boy, one girl. His sweet cry made everything worth while. 10 finger 10 toes. 8lbs 10 ounces! Head full of dark hair. He was nothing but amazing.

Kailee Riches was able to capture our entire journey as I knew she would! She photographed our first birth and I wouldn't have it any other way than to have her there again for our second! She truly has a gift that captures the beauty and elegance that is birth. I'm thankful to have had her there so I can relive each moment and detail over and over again. Thank you Kailee!!

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